A safe and cyber secure world.

At TrustyGate, we’re focused on building trust in your cyber security. We do this by helping you implement a management system to continually improve your security, and to help you more easily demonstrate compliance to interested parties such as executive teams, boards, customers and regulators.

Our unique methodology takes into consideration the fact that effective cyber security must involve people, process and technology and not just one of these elements. We start with the premise that we’re wrong, and find what works for you based on your unique requirements.

Our mission is to help as many purposeful organisations as we can. By this we mean those organisations using technology to have a positive social impact in the world including those in healthcare, education, financial services, tech start-ups and maritime.

Find out more about our leadership team below and the benefits of becoming one of our partners.

Leadership team

We combine our expertise in cyber security with a passion for innovation.


Cyber security all rounder, analyst and people person helping TrustyGate customers and partners.


Highly experienced and credentialed consultant and leading development of the TrustyGate platform.


Cyber security content expert specialising in healthcare, energy and financial services.

Our partners

Become a partner with us and accelerate your growth.

Increase value

Leverage our software platform and focus on high value cyber security assessments and advice.

Grow your client list

Serve more customers faster with less manual data management and more automation and intelligence.

Receive benefits

Gain access to new features early and participate in joint promotional activities.

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